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As a consumer like everyone else, I am always conscious of ticking various boxes when it comes to products I look for. We all have specific needs and desires when selecting things we use in our daily lives, whether they be more of a luxury or basic buy. Case in point...the humble pair of undies.


Calvin Klein mens underwear campaign
Above: 1st Calvin Klein Underwear ad in Time Square. Feat. Tom Hintnaus

 Olympic Pole Vaulter Tom Hintnaus in the 1st ever designer underwear campaign shoot, Shot in Santorini by Bruce Weber in 1982. When first unveiled in Times Square it was considered scandalous at the time and caused a huge controversy.


The underwear market is flooded with options since the pioneering designer underwear of Calvin Klein in the early 80's. Having that designer logo on the waistband became one of those strong desires we were conditioned to want and need. Over the years this space has seen a number of players in and out of this highly competitive market and just like ready to wear fashion trends, mens underwear is constantly evolving.

One thing for certain is that when you look at the options in underwear for men nowadays there is a pair to suit every taste level, sexual orientation and fetish...Underwear has most definitely become fetishised in our culture...that's a totally seperate blog post.



Faced with so many options and marketing campaigns, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices in colours, cuts, prints and innuendos. What I want personally as a man in his 40's above all else is a great fit and comfort. I want to actually feel like i'm not wearing any underwear because they are cut and made well and above all are great quality. Discovering CDLP was a godsend on many fronts. Not only are they aesthetically what I need right now, sans big logo waistbands and over hyped marketing campaigns, but they hit a perfect pitch in terms of their persona.


CDLP Christian Larsen and Andreas Palm
Above: Founders | Christian Larson and Andreas Palm


CDLP originate from Stockholm and was founded by Christian Larson and Andreas Palm. Their main aim in starting CDLP was to go against the norm of mass produced men's underwear and focus on a more sartorial approach and employ the use of high quality fabrics and make. All CDLP products are designed in Stockholm and made in Portugal. I love and appreciate their direction in adopting a classic approach to all of their products but still possessing a relevant edge for todays consumer.  All underwear is eco-friendly, using Lyocell which is a natural fibre made from wood pulp from sustainable tree farms and created through nanotechnology in a closed-loop process, making it organic, sustainable and 100% biodegradable.
CDLP collections consist of Boxer trunks, boxer shorts, Y-brief (which is the most comfortable brief I have ever worn) and Long Johns. What I love as well is that CDLP will release a collaboration product, with two under their belts (no pun intended) thus far.  Last year collaborating with Swedish director/Photographer and drummer Jonuas Akerlund best known for his conceptual art collaborations with Madonna and music videos for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Iggy Pop, Metallica, The Prodigy and Moby just to name a few. 



Earlier this Year CDLP released a limited edition collaboration with the Tom of Finland foundation. This is the first underwear collaboration for the TOF foundation which is surprising considering the gay erotic nature of Tom's illustrations and appears to be quite a coup for CDLP to be the first. The TOF collaboration which is only available through the CDLP website and Tom on Finland Foundation features a tanga brief in white and the staple black jock strap....fitting.

purchase CDLP X TOF here




So, my pick for a guy like me is the staple Y-breif in Khaki. The colour is great and is a welcome change to the standard black and white. I do not like wearing overly gaudy underwear, so I highly recommend the CDLP khaki brief...but if you're a trunk man, there is also the boxer trunk and boxer short in their great shade of Khaki.

Check out the range and get your ass into a pair of CDLP. You will not regret it.

C+T range of CDLP


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