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"About Vintage" was started by friends, Sebastian Skov & Thomas Andersen in 2015. Thomas having had a background in economics and business, Sebastian however started off in advertising. During a trip to Mexico they discussed that professionally something was missing and decided to turn their shared passion for fine watches into a business.

With this passion Sebastian and Thomas created a watch line that best represents the Scandinavian design aesthetic of classic minimalism with fundamental underpinnings of quality of make and detail. From the onset, this can be seen in the About Vintage brand.
One of the missions for the brand was to create an affordable watch or a stand-in for the one you keep in your safety box (which you’ve probably spent a fortune on). Supplementing your watch collection with pieces not only for status and aesthetics, but for utility. This is really key to Scandinavian design as a design movement which is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. 


Featured above left to right - Special Edition Blue Sunray 1815 Chronoraph model.  1815 Chronograph with Black Trap and 1957 Chronograph with mesh bracelet



About Vintage, whilst the name contradicts their own history being a new company, really do give a nod to the past. Through the names of their various watch models, which are 1815, 1820, 1844, 1957 and 1971, each year signifies a moment in time when watchmaking technology advanced. C&T is especially fond of the 1844 Chronograph model (shown above right). In case you’re wondering, the name is a tribute to Adolphe Nicole who's updated version of the chronograph in 1844 was the first to include a re-setting feature which now allowed successive measurement. This was unlike the constantly moving needle in the original chronograph.
As a side note the original Chronograph watch was invented by Louis Moinet (1768-1853) in 1815 and completed in 1816.   Moinet was a watchmaker, sculptor and painter from Bourges, France. A contemporary of Abraham-Louis Breguet, Abraham-Louis Perrelet and Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec, all of whom are responsible for the invention and many advancements in horology that we still enjoy today.



Featured Above - Left - Louis Moinet. Right side images of the first Chronograph watch pre dated 1815-1815.


Also just as a complimentary note on Moinet, the title as "The inventor and father of Chronograph" has only just been awarded by The Guinness book of records after an extensive 6 month investigation in 2017.


Evolving and growing, About Vintage have just added a  line of Automatic Swiss made time pieces enhancing the brand. This sits along 4 seperate collections, Unisex Quartz, Quartz Chronograph, Automatic and now Automatic Swiss Made.
All of which showcase their classic, clean and masculine aesthetic but all stand alone in their own way.


Above from left to right - 39mm 1969 Quartz in Midnight Blue/Steel1820 Two Tone Automatic1957 Chronograph, Limited Edition 1971 Swiss Made Automatic


About Vintage pay homage to all those before them in a way that allows them to stamp their own identity in time. As they themselves say... 

"Only few stand the test of evolution, and yet the classic timepiece has done exactly that.
With a vision to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, our focus is to make simple yet spectacular timepieces for the everyday gent. For us, Vintage is not just a reference of style - it is the journey to becoming it. The journey (life) will take you through eventful moments and memorable days to occasions that change your whole perspective. We hope that one day your watch will make you look back at it all"

"Make moments, give it history – let it become vintage" - About Vintage
About Vintage have their Flagship store/ Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark aswell as stockists Internationally which we are proud to be one of them. 


Unfortunately we no longer stock About Vintage watches at this time. However we highly recommend them as a wonderfully designed and made time piece 



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