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“SoHo” – South of Houston Street, New York is of those places one must have on his or her shopping trip checklist. Known for its commercialisation and eclectic mix of boutiques for shopping, the sidewalks are often crowded with tourists and vendors peddling small goods and the customary New York memorabilia.

I was less interested in the smaller scale “Times Square” vibe of tourists and peddlers as my gaze were drawn to the top of buildings that surrounded the hustle and bustle below. I was looking at the most beautiful cast-iron architecture up above, classical French and Italian architectural designs proudly displaying their decorative facades made by the cast iron foundries in New York (Badger's Architectural Iron Works, James L. Jackson's Iron Works, and Cornell Iron Works) from the mid to late 1800s.

Approximately 250 cast-iron buildings stand in New York City and the majority of them are in SoHo. 

Cast Iron buildings in Soho, New York Left | The newly restored 101 Spring St. Right |  The Silk Exchange Building, built in1896, though not a cast iron building, steals the show as one of the more prominent architectural accomplishment in SoHo’s sky-scape.

 The stores in SoHo were very well presented. Most of them occupied those beautiful period buildings. The list of occupancy was impressive, ranging from the well known “big” names to the lesser-known but more interesting boutiques. My personal standouts were Miguel Antoinne and Blue In Green. Miguel Antoinne is a men’s designer brand with an edgy signature and luxury appeal. All of Miguel’s designs are manufactured in New York City. Now, that is a rarity in the industry. The pieces are beautiful and fashion forward, a show of talent and vision well balanced in their creation.

Miguel Antionne New York SohoMiguel Antoinne Store New YorkMiguel Antoinne’s SoHo store, elegantly presented.


Miguel Antoinne Mens LeatherThe leather pieces at Miguel’s were outstanding.

 Blue In Green was the complete opposite showcasing a multitude of brands offering loads of denim and casual wear. There was a lot of “Japanese” here in both denim and brands.

Blue in Green Soho, New YorkBlue in Green, the denim hotspot in SoHo.

I simply cannot leave New York without buying a hat. The closest hat shop was Goorin Bros. Well, you just can’t go wrong with these guys, Goorin Bros have been around since 1895.

Goorin Bros. Bleeker Street, New York NYGoorin Bros. Bleeker Street, New York NYGoorin Bros shop, a wonderland of hats, hats and more hats.
The shop was adorable, all ebony timber, but the two girls working that day were even more adorable! Yes, you can tell this was the highlight of my day, thank you girls! Dressed in their best street cred and ball caps, these girls rocked it with the best service of the day. People watching were a lot of fun in SoHo. The ones who “do” fashion well “do” it incredibly well.
There were a lot of “individual” styles, a method I have always recommended. Personality is everything fashion should be, uniformity is fashion lobotomised. The “sports-lux” or “street-lux” look is big here


 Great sports-lux looks from the runways with paneling highlights on tops, track jackets, track pants, all in a softer, loose silhouette.

Astrid Andersen  Astrid Andersen putting the “lux” in sportswear mode with voluminous coats and sumptuous fabrics. 

Fear of God. Men's AW 18

 One of my favorites, Fear Of God delivering “street-lux” in sweats and plaids. Whether they were doing “sports” or “street”, there was always that one luxury item that puts the lux into their outfitting. It might be the jacket, or an accessory (hats, shoes or bags), but it was “that” piece that made the outfit work. Personally I have always loved this look, as much as I love being totally comfortable.
I have been guilty of wearing my best cashmere coat over a track pant for years and hey, it worked for me then and it works for me now! Hooray for personal style!
The current look for overall grooming is “clean”. Hairstyles are groomed. The key hair trends for men are quiffed back, mini afro, mid length and tussled, shaved military no fuss. Bowl cuts and long looks are also seen on runways, but always best to sport what is flattering to your face shape and of course personality. Full big Beards are SO over! I can hear all the ladies screaming “Amen”! Seriously, lets move the fuck on! There were hardly any beards on the streets of New York. I only saw a few short beards but they belonged to men who probably had them before they became a fad. I have to say, everyone looks much more handsome with this fresher look.


men's hair trends A/W 17 A/W 18some key runway hair looks for AW17-18
Note (Aussie guys): No big beards (keep it short if you had to have one), no jogger pants, and no flip-flops! Move on people… Overall, I had a fabulous day at SoHo. The shopping was great and the people were wonderful!


Nancy Sirkis Soho

 Of course, I’m not talking about the northern area of the neighbourhood. They're clustered among the beautiful buildings of SoHo were the evils of retail; the off shore conglomerates, the succubus of the industry, H&M, Sephora, Zara.... All of a sudden this part of Soho reminds me of Times Square, indiscriminate retail stores filled with poor quality goods that fuels a wasteful society with the lure of its cheapness and disposability.

I love New York, it is a city full of diversity and there are as many small industries as there are the big ones. The only disappointment is that there was a H&M store almost everywhere I went. I cannot help but feel sad that “fast fashion” invasion has raped this city’s celebrated style. That reminded me: So here I am, guilty of being a tourist at the top of “The Rock” (Rockefeller Plaza), panning my camera across New York’s proud city scape; the glorious architecture, the amazing Central Park and then, behold - the biggest H&M sign one will ever see appeared on top of a tower.


I took a snapshot of the Empire State Building instead.

Empire State Building NY

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